Core values

Integrity: Integrity is instilled in every AA Lawn Pest Control employee, from our CEO to our employees in the field. We foster these guidelines for every employee to provide our customers with the top-quality care and service they deserve.

Quality Service: Each of our customers deserves a personalized treatment plan and quality service while in our care. After an on-site evaluation of your home and property, our experienced team members will be able to create a personalized treatment plan for your issue. During the process, our team members will inform you about every method and treatment that we provide to keep you involved and informed from start to finish.
Education: We believe that education is critical for creating a business that cares about our customers, environment, and employees. You have the right to be informed about the methods and treatments we use in and around your home. That is why we pride ourselves on offering educational information to our clients throughout the process.

Leadership: At AA Lawn Pest Control, we aim to make a path for every employee to thrive within our business. No matter where you start, you can advance in your career and create a prosperous future within this industry. Founder and owner Harvey Allen Childress is a testament to just that, and with over 14 years in the industry, AA Lawn Pest Control is a product of his hard work, dedication, and commitment to lawn care and pest control. His passion for this field pushed him to create his legacy to teach and train others and one day leave to his two sons Aaron and Austin.

Perfection: We strive for perfection in all that we do. Whether treating pests or working one on one with our customers. Our goal is to create effective methods and consciously formulated treatments that will benefit our customers and the environment.

Compassion for Community: As a caring family man himself, the founder of AA Lawn Pest Control, Harvey Allen Childress, understands that compassion and care for our families are what matters most to many people. With this understanding, he has created quality services and customer care that many other companies fall short of. We aim to protect your family and your environment by using precisely calculated formulas to target specific pests and reduce environmental impact.