Lawn Spraying Services

Here at AA Lawn Pest Control, we know how to control the most common issues that can affect the look and appeal of your lawn. Our technicians are trained and certified to understand your lawn so that they can personalize your treatment. Having a beautiful lawn is just a phone call away, so don’t wait any longer. Without proper aeration, Fertilization & application, your grassroots will be unable to access and absorb the proper nutrients they need. These essential nutrients allow turf to thrive and become the gorgeous green lawn you desire. Without them, your lawn will become more vulnerable to damage from disease, drought, and insects.

A beautiful and well-maintained yard has so many benefits to you as a property and homeowner. Not only does it help to keep pests and disease away from your family, but it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about if something may harm you.

Your lawn is the first thing that many neighbors notice about your home, so take action today to prevent damage from unwelcome pests and diseases by calling the lawn care professionals here at AA Lawn Pest Control at (407) 243-7260. We offer lawn care services that are personalized to your needs and preferences as a property owner, such as:


  • Dry and liquid fertilization
  • Iron nutrient to enhance increase photosynthesis
  • Soil nutrients
  • Insect control
  • Fungicide for disease control
  • Root building
  • Weed control


Some pests and diseases can take time to get control of, so there is no charge if we have to retreat to ensure they stay out of your lawn, reducing what may also get inside your home. There is no charge for follow-up treatments to you, the customer. We are happy to retreat any issues that may occur in between services throughout the year.

Every Other Month

Get an entire lawn spraying services program that includes six treatments per year, including two spring and two fall fertilizer applications. Each treatment contains nutrients for ongoing health, pest killers to stop the damage from insects, and disease control for fungus and other unsightly issues. If you are interested in our one-time services, our technicians will work with you to design a one-time treatment plan that will target any unwanted pests and diseases.