Rodent Control and Extermination

Did you know that rats and mice can harbor anywhere 35 plus different diseases which can be transmitted to humans and pets? If you have rodents living in your home, you can be putting yourself at risk for contracting these diseases without even knowing. These can be transmitted from coming into contact with rodent urine, saliva, feces, and even bites.

Not only is a rodent infestation a considerable health concern for you and your family, but it can be creating damage to the foundation of your home, electrical wires, and much more. These can cause issues down the road and lead to expensive repairs. Although it takes a large infestation to spot the culprits physically, you can keep your eyes peeled for signs which include:

  • Rodent droppings around food, in pantries and cupboards
  • Nesting spots filled with paper, or fabric
  • Chewed holes on floors and walls


Here at AA Lawn Pest Control, we can help you spot even the most subtle signs of a rodent infestation. Our home evaluation will allow us to determine specific entryways in which these animals are entering and exiting your home. After a careful assessment of the interior of your home, our technicians will scan the exterior surrounding property to identify places that these pests might be residing, such as woodpiles, overgrown vegetation, and much more.

After a careful inspection, we will determine the best course of action to take to find your home and property of any rodents. We use a variety of different methods to do so, which include:

  • Exterior bait boxes
  • live traps
  • Glue boards
  • snap traps
  • Catch-all’s


Rodent Control at AA Lawn & Pest Control can help you protect the health of your family and pets; give us a call at (407) 243-7260 to schedule a property evaluation today.